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One of the easiest ways to brighten your smile is also the most popular; teeth whitening. In a day and age where your favorite toothpaste comes with teeth whitening ingredients, you are not far from having fairer pearly whites.

Over time, your teeth will naturally become discolored depending on your habits. If you smoke tobacco, drink strong beverages like tea or coffee or dark wines, your teeth will tend to give away your persistent habits by discoloring your tooth enamel.

Ironically over time as you age, the years of brushing your teeth will naturally wear your enamel thinner as well, revealing the darker dentin beneath.

Medications can also discolor your teeth, in children it can be common antibiotics and for adults, it could be antidepressants or blood pressure medicines that may be the culprit.

The next step up is whitening agents that have peroxide in them that you can apply in the comfort of your own home using a whitening tray with a type of gel that will fit over your teeth for a period of time.

For the most powerful tooth whitening, come into our office and visit our dentists. We will restore your smile with a gel that is both safe and powerful. Teeth whitening is easily one of the most simple, inexpensive and quick ways to improve your cosmetic appearance. Our team at Newport Healthy Smiles is happy to help you look and feel your absolute best!