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If you knew you could lose a tooth tomorrow, how would you go about protecting your teeth? It’s amazing how little people think about protecting their teeth until it’s too late.

Mouth guards are there to help you by keeping your teeth protected. When it comes to choosing an appliance, there are many different choices for your smile. One option includes a custom-made mouth guard. Your dentist can create this guard to fit your unique smile for your specific needs. This can dramatically reduce the risk of many oral injuries, such as broken teeth, lost teeth, and even chipped teeth.

Mouth guards can also help with appliance irritations and teeth-grinding habits. Mouth guards protect the insides of your cheeks from tissue damage as well as protect your teeth from wearing down and fracturing. There are many reasons as to why you should talk to your dentist about the safety of mouth guards, especially if you participate in high-contact activities or if you have a teeth-grinding habit. It is better to be protected from a possible injury than to suffer an injury that could have been prevented. Swing by your dental office today and ask about a custom-made mouth guard for your smile and help keep your smile beautiful and protected.