What will your first visit be like?

We are pleased to offer comprehensive dental care at Newport Healthy Smiles. Whether you are interested in cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile’s appearance or you need a restorative treatment to improve your oral health and function, our skilled dentists in Newport Beach, California, are certain to have the solution you need for a healthier, more beautiful smile. So how do you know which treatment is right for you? It all starts with a comprehensive exam and diagnosis with Dr. Wong and Dr. Ling.

Unless you have a pressing dental concern, your first visit at Newport Healthy Smiles will involve a comprehensive exam. If you do have an extremely painful or important oral problem, our dentists will address it first and then they will begin your comprehensive evaluation. During this appointment, Dr. Wong or Dr. Ling will examine your entire oral cavity and determine what is possible for long-term, positive, and desirable dental results. Your comprehensive exam is a baseline for future comparisons and is the basis for a lifetime master plan for optimal oral health.

The following will be done during your initial evaluation:

  1. Your dentist will review your medical and dental history records and will take your blood pressure.
  2. We will then clarify your concerns, wants, expectations, and/or problems.
  3. To ensure oral health, an oral cancer examination (manual palpation visualization followed by VELscope screening) will be performed.
  4. Next, our dentists will examine your teeth to check for decay, cracks, wear, etc.
  5. X-rays will then be taken to evaluate the aesthetics and condition of your teeth and gums (diagnosis).
  6. To help you and the dentist thoroughly examine your mouth, intraoral digital pictures (6 views) will be taken.
  7. We will then provide a periodontal examination, measuring all gum crevices to check for hidden gum disease.
  8. During this process, we will check the condition (quality, quantity, and recession level) of your gum tissue.
  9. Our dentists will then measure the mobility or looseness of your teeth and gum tissue, which is another sign of dental problems.
  10. Then, we will see if your fillings or crowns are causing gum irritation.
  11. Next, we will give you a temporomandibular joint orthopedic examination, which is the examination of your jaw joints.
  12. Our dentists will do a palpation (pressing with finger tips) to check for inflammation.
  13. Then, we will perform range of motion tests to check jaw movements.
  14. We will then add pressure to all of your muscle groups, both within and outside the mouth, for any signs of discomfort or tension.
  15. Our dentists will next examine your bite because bite problems can cause dental failures.
  16. We will check if all of your teeth touch equally.
  17. We will also check how teeth your meet when your jaw moves in all directions.
  18. Our dentists will lastly take detailed images of your teeth, roots, and bone with a digital X-ray machine.
  19. With these X-rays, you will see a full-mouth series of images, with 18 views, to show decay, infection, and bone condition.

After your examination, Dr. Ling or Dr. Wong will:

  • Review all findings
  • Discuss your treatment recommendations and sequence
  • Give you a customized written report
  • Discuss all fees
  • Answer all questions to your satisfaction and understanding

If your condition warrants further evaluation, the following will also be done:

  • Diagnostic study casts (models of your mouth) if needed
  • Two sets, one as a baseline, the other for 3D planning and blueprinting
  • Measurement to customize models for jaw simulator
  • Measurement for how teeth bite together
  • Evaluate and study all of the above information
  • Consult with any specialists, if indicated
  • Make a specific diagnosis for your current condition
  • Design a blueprint for your care with the diagnostic casts
  • Develop an individualized, long-term treatment program and sequence
  • Wong and Dr. Ling will then review and discuss everything at a consultation appointment

To learn more and to set up your consultation with our dentists and team, please feel free to contact us today at Newport Healthy Smiles. We are eager to take care of your smile!