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When you need restoration work for your teeth, you’ll often need either a crown or bridge to help you get your smile looking right again.
But what’s the difference between a crown and a bridge? Let’s take a look at the two procedures and the benefits each offers.


Most commonly, crowns are used to cover or “cap” damaged or decayed teeth, or a dental implant. Crowns add strength to decayed or damaged teeth, in addition to improving its appearance and alignment within your smile.


Bridges are used when you’re missing more than one tooth. When you’re missing multiple teeth, those gaps can cause the other teeth in your mouth to shift into their spaces, resulting in problems with your bite.

A bridge is cemented to natural teeth (or implants) surrounding the empty spaces in your mouth. Then, replacement teeth are put into place and topped with crowns. The process is far more involved than a crown, and only used when necessary.

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