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You probably know that you should start caring for your children’s teeth as soon as they erupt. Similarly, you may have been told that you should start cleaning your children’s gums even before their first tooth comes in. However, do you know when you should start flossing your little one’s teeth?

As you’ve heard, flossing is an important part of anyone’s oral care. It can clean foods and bacteria that you can’t—or at least shouldn’t—with your toothbrush. This can be important because it will help you prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Some individuals argue that you should start flossing your child’s teeth immediately to help them get used to the process. However, it isn’t vital for you to start flossing your child’s teeth until their teeth begin to touch. Usually, this happens sometime between your little one’s second and sixth birthday.

Also, please know that it may take some time for your kids to be able to floss on their own. In other words, flossing their teeth will primarily be your responsibility for the first few years. However, we recommend teaching them a few important things about flossing. First, please teach your child that flossing is extremely important. Second, please teach your child the proper flossing technique so they can follow your example. Also, if their gums start to bleed when you first start, please don’t worry. This is normal, but will usually stop after a few days.

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